Golfing in Las Vegas: A Golfer's Paradise

Las Vegas, Nevada is a golfer's paradise for golfers of all skill levels. From the tropical paradise of Bali Hai Golf Club to the iconic Royal Links Golf Club, there are plenty of options to choose from. Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort is home to two excellent courses, the Sun Mountain Course and the Wolf Course, while TPC Vegas offers a more tolerant style of play. The Chimera Golf Club is designed by the late Ted Robinson Jr., and the Desert Pines Golf Course is designed by renowned golf course architect Rees Jones.

Dragon Ridge Country Club and Las Vegas Country Club have both hosted PGA and LPGA tournaments, while Shadow Creek Golf Course is a world-famous golf destination designed by Tom Fazio. Bali Hai Golf Club is a tropical golfer's paradise located right on the Las Vegas Strip, featuring 7 acres of water fountains, an exclusive green island, more than 4000 trees, including 2500 groups of imposing palm trees and 100,000 tropical plants and flowers. Las Vegas Paiute is home to two other excellent courses, the Sun Mountain Course and the Wolf Course (the longest golf course in Nevada, 7,604 yards away from professional players). These three courses offer an impressive environment and offer their players hours of fun, but if you want to get the most out of your money (and time), we recommend that you try Snow Mountain first.

TPC Vegas, formerly known as TPC Canyons-Public, should not be confused with TPC Summerlin, as both are often referred to as TPC Las Vegas. This distinction is important since the TPC Summerlin is home to a PGA Tour stop and is generally not open to the public. One of the shortest courses on the list, at 6,757 yards, the Chimera golf course offers players a more tolerant style of play. The ease of play can also be attributed to the few trees during the game.

Some will remember it by its previous name, “Tuscany”, and others will remember that it was designed by the late Ted Robinson Jr. Royal Links Golf Club stands out for its unique feature: each of its 18 holes is replicated exactly after the courses played during the British Open. This feature makes playing golf suddenly feel like a visit to a sports museum, as each hole has small monuments and plaques that commemorate the history of these iconic holes. The 4-star Cascata golf course offers everything a true golfer wants and is available to the public. Players of all skill levels can enjoy this course equally. Dragon Ridge Country Club has decided to reopen its doors to allow for limited non-member play.

The Las Vegas Country Club has hosted the Las Vegas Invitational of the PGA and the Takefu of the LPGA. Shadow Creek Golf Course is a world-famous golf destination in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Designed by legendary golf course architect Tom Fazio, this golf course has stunning landscapes and challenging features that will challenge even the most experienced golfers. The countryside has a unique feel thanks to its lush vegetation, rock formations and waterfalls. The entire course is only available to a few, making it a must-have game for anyone who loves golf.

Shadow Creek Golf Course is a golfer's paradise with stunning views and well-maintained courses. The Chimera Golf Club is an excellent course designed by Ted Robinson with rolling fairways that offer an incredible golf experience for players of all levels. Amidst picturesque homes development, this course offers ample space for golfers to demonstrate their skills. The Chimera Golf Club also offers FootGolf - an attractive and challenging mix of soccer and golf - which captivates any sports enthusiast. Located along the picturesque shore of Las Vegas lake and less than 20 miles east of the bustling Las Vegas Strip lies another captivating course with a unique route that shows a delightful variety of hole directions. The Las Vegas Country Club proudly brings Scottish golf's true feel to this city with its rich history. Welcome to Las Vegas National Golf Club - or better known as former “Sahara Golf Club” - where Tiger Woods scored 1 under par (when par was 7) in 1996! It could be a fun challenge with friends to see who can beat Woods' score! At just 6582 yards in length, this field is defined by three pairs: enjoy playing here in an environment defined by tropical scenes with palm trees and impressive water obstacles. Finally, Bali Hai Golf Club stands out for its 7 acres of water fountains, characteristic island greenery, more than 4000 trees including 2 500 groups of imposing palm trees and 100 000 tropical plants and flowers.

Each course invites golfers to immerse themselves in stunning views while they test their skills in a tranquil oasis like no other. With 18 holes carefully selected from among iconic Golden Bear courses at Royal Links Golf Club plus stunning views of Las Vegas skyline this extraordinary destination will delight players of all skill levels with its meticulously designed courses.

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